“The Maresme orchestra, with its Director Jordi Montoliu, together with the Turkish-American guitarist Celil Refik Kaya perform the famous Aranjuez Concert, a jewel of the repertoire for guitar and orchestra.”



  • The Aranjuez Concert was written in Paris in 1939 by the composer Joaquín Rodrigo, to reflect the gardens of the Royal Palace of Aranjuez. The work tries to transport the listener to the sounds of nature from another place and another time. The melancholic notes of the first and second movements remind, according to some writers and poets, the last time Boabdil saw his beloved Alhambra before leaving for Morocco. Other authors refer to the sad and beautiful notes as a reminder of the tragic events of the Spanish Civil War.

    A large number of musicians have reinterpreted the work, including jazz legend Miles Davis, accompanied by adapter Gil Evans. On the Sketches of Spain album, Davis testifies: “That melody is so strong that the softer you play, the louder it gets, and the louder you play, the weaker it gets.”

    Paco de Lucía performed the work in 1991 at the Bulevar Theater in Torrelodones together with the Cadaqués Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Edmon Colomer and the musical advice of José María Gallardo Del Rey, with Maestro Rodrigo present, who said a few days before “I’m really delighted that my concert is being performed as many times as possible, and I think it’s very good that it’s approached on this occasion with a treatment as different from classical as it is from flamenco”.

    The adagio is the most famous and recognizable part of the work, and has been used in movies, television reports, and advertisements.