“Guitar (Josep Soto) and Clarinet (Xavi Figuerola): Brazilian Music and Jazz!!”


The DúoSOTO & FIGUEROLA is a proposal made up of two excellent musicians with a long professional career and multiple recognitions, both inside and outside our country. Considered among the best in their respective specialties of Clarinet / Saxophone and Guitar and a solid solvency in the field of jazz and classical music, the union of these two great interpreters, the result of the affinity of concepts and repertoires, with the aim of making people enjoy the listener of all the expressive richness with a creative and original speech, which combines melodies and virtuous clarinet improvisations with the rhythms and rich harmonies of the guitar. His repertoire ranges from pieces by Duke Elington, Cole Porter, Mancini or Gershwin to works by Villa-Lobos, or Erik Satie, through Tom Jobim’s bossa nova, Piazolla’s tangos or Guinga’s xorinyos, Pixinguinha or Nazareth. A concert of sensitive nuances and creativity that is unavoidable for lovers of good music.