“Bartolomé García-Plata and Víctor Oller Segura propose a journey of revealing introspection !!


Bartolomé García-Plata and Víctor Oller Segura have known each other for about 15 years and, as a teacher and disciple, have passed on to fellow travelers. They are teachers at L’Escola de Músics, in the Raval, and have been playing together in different formats for years. The latest, with Swing Comentarios, in the pre-pandemic swing dances of Calabria 66. Tolo comes from the world of classical, especially contemporary, and has dedicated himself to premiering works by current composer (s). Víctor, on the other hand, has a jazz background and has always had concerns in the field of composition and arrangements. These two paths have finally crossed paths to combine the expertise of each soul. In this new project they are dedicated to an intimate and meditative chamber repertoire, largely written by Víctor especially for this formation. The name of the project refers to Ida Lupino, actress, screenwriter and Hollywood film director, to whom the pianist and composer Carla Bley, a great reference for the duo, dedicated a piece of the same name. With the addition of Bley and other composers, this couple will complete a journey of revealing introspection.

Bartolomé García-Plata, born in 1977 in Barcelona, ​​began playing the clarinet at the age of 7 at the Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona. Years later, he completed his studies at the Barcelona Municipal Conservatory of Music with honors. During his career he has worked mainly with orchestral ensembles. He has dedicated himself to premiering works by contemporary composers and this has led him to experiment with different sounds with the clarinet. He belongs to the chamber group of the Catalan Association of Composers, with which he has recorded many premieres. He has also made inroads into the world of theater with the humorous musician-vocal group La Trova. He has traveled to many countries performing with various chamber groups, such as the Obdara Trio and Martín y Plata (Cuban music), and with the ACC in the field of contemporary music. Intrigued by the world of clarinet conducting and pedagogy, he works as a clarinet teacher and director of various musical formations at L’Escola de Músics. He is also currently working on his YouTube channel Clarinetrucos, where he is already a benchmark in the world of clarinet.

Víctor Oller Segura, born in 1991 in Sitges, began playing the piano at the age of six. Shortly afterwards, he moved to Brussels for a few years, where he continued to study music. He later returned to Barcelona and met the School of Musicians, where he discovered jazz and trained musically during adolescence. His other passion, languages, led him to study Translation and Interpreting. And, once finished, he returned north, this time to the Hague Conservatory (Netherlands), to study the Higher Degree in Jazz Piano with a specialization in Composition, with professors such as Wolfert Brederode, Susanne Abbuehl, Juraj Stanik or Martijn Padding. Composition and arrangements have always been very important in his career and, with the inspiration of great figures such as Carla Bley and Maria Schneider, he never stops writing music for different projects. Más información sobre este texto de origenPara obtener más información sobre la traducción, se necesita el texto de origen Enviar comentarios Paneles laterales