“Maite Rubio and Miriam Franch: present the show: “Agua & Vino”, an expressive, powerful and emotional journey!!!”


A blend that is difficult to find on stage. With an expressive and powerful direct performance, the Duo Rubio Franch combines daring, risky and vital performances with others that are both deep and delicate in musical sensitivity. The complicity and extraordinary connection that exists between these two guitarists is evident who, without neglecting their own personality, give off a special symbiosis that, as an audience, does not leave you indifferent. With the naturalness of the staging and their musical generosity they get the viewer to enter a journey full of emotions, unique and different in each concert. Their work ‘Agua & Vino’ is the fruit of a long career and of the personal and musical enrichment that the experiences they have had throughout these years have contributed. … Because music is for us the expression of everything that we are and that happens to us; and interpretation is the tool we have to show it …