Duo “Saxo & Guitar”

“An extraordinary combination”

Silvia Nogales: Guitar – David Hernando: Saxo



It is a duo of Spanish musicians with a promising solo career in their respective instruments. They decide to undertake a joint project after their time at the Piantón International Music Festival, where they were selected as soloists in 2017.

Attracted by the peculiarity of the formation, they explore different unusual combinations of saxophone and guitar, such as: tenor saxophone and guitar, or baritone saxophone and guitar.

They carry out research work, “dusting” pieces for training never interpreted. Despite their short existence as a duo, they have attracted the attention of various composers, who have placed their trust for the premiere of their works by the duo, some of them dedicated especially to Nogales-Hernando.

Some of the premieres at national and international level are of works and versions of composers such as: Sánchez Verdú, Mateo Soto, Erik Marchelie or Alan Hovhaness.

Great festivals are interested in this formation, having important appointments during 2018 and 2019 in International Festival Emilio Pujol (Lleida), International Festival Miquel Llobet (Barcelona), International Guitar Festival of Gerona, Museum of Fine Arts of (Álava), Festival of Guitar of the Mediterranean (Catalonia), etc. You can listen to his first work Nuit D’Eté on platforms like Spotify.