The versatility with which he imbues his guitar playing is truly impressive, whether performing his poetically soulful melodies or accompanying a truly fabulous transcontinental performance.


In a career spanning four decades, guitar virtuoso and composer Eduardo Niebla has been hailed as one of the most powerful forces in the fusion of flamenco jazz. And his highly lyrical style, with explorations into Indian, Arabic and classical music, has resulted in the most electric, brilliant, soulful and poetic guitar on the world circuit: “An astonishing interplay between the artists who marry technical fluidity and virtuosity with an unashamedly secular passion” – Q Review –

“The versatility with which he imbues his guitar is truly impressive, whether performing his poetically moving melodies or accompanying a truly fabulous transcontinental performance.” – THE SCOTSMAN –

Eduardo’s concert performances have included the Cairo and Tbilisi International Jazz Festivals, the Jaipur Festival in India, London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Odessa Jazz Carnival, the Greek Olympics, the Festival of San Isidro in Madrid, Celtic Connections Glasgow and Glastonbury, as well as concerts and tours to Europe, the Baltic States, the Middle East and South Africa. It is a journey that has led to many collaborations with artists from around the world, including Indian masters Nishat and Wajahat Khan (sitar, sarod), Deepak Ram (bamboo flute), Kala Ramnath (Indian violin), Purbayan Chatterjee (sitar ), Salvador Niebla (drums), bassist Carles Benavent, spiritual gypsy singer and percussionist Paban Das Baul, Palestinian musician Adel Salameh, trance phenomenon Juno Reactor, the Dante String Quartet, Lol Coxhill (sax) and pop musicians George Michael and Craig David. Since 1974, Eduardo has made 24 albums of his original compositions, recording for BASF, EMI Odeon, Venture Virgin, Jazz-Point and Riverboat Records: “His latest album showcases his most fluid and technically brilliant guitar work… and the standout composition is the 18-minute-long India, a series of meditations on poverty and resistance, combining lyrical and rhythmic guitar passages. derives from its exciting interplay with Srikanth’s violin…the exuberant title composition (My Gypsy Waltz)…and the thoughtful, lyrical composition “Rosie” is another reminder of Niebla’s exquisite guitar work. ” – THE GUARDIAN –

“A formidable guitarist and a beautifully sequenced record by a musically fluent master of today’s generation…hugely absorbing…experimental with plenty of jaw-dropping moments. It is incredibly invigorating” – SONGLINES –

His latest album, “Las Olas de Niebla” (2019) is dedicated to his brother, the acclaimed artist José Niebla. Like all of his albums, it is a personal journey: “trying to convert feelings into notes, leaving written in his notes a landscape full of human observations. It’s a lifelong effort, trying to sculpt music into poetry: sometimes you get closer than others, but when it reaches that quality, the music has that possibility.” Eduardo continues to tour, composes, records and his musical genius touches the lives of everyone he meets on his way: “Edward – virtuous? improvising inventor? Yes and yes. And creative composer too. Writer of beautiful melodies, great rhythms… he cast a deep and fascinating spell on the audience that transported them to other places, to the distant past, to India, Arabia, North Africa and Spain, tracing the link between modern flamenco and the old music. from India. And then to South and Central America for the rumba. At the end of the concert, he thanked the audience for being there while the band “searched for these deep places in the music.” “Believe me, they found them.” – LONDON JAZZ –