Giorgos Tabakis

Guitarist/composer Giorgos Tabakis’ new work entitled “hEre nOw theN” (Efkrassis Productions 2021) for solo 8-string guitar, collects his personal vision of the modern guitar, presenting a set of compositions and improvisations that focus on the most wide range of modern music, assimilating elements and trends from modern classical music, modern jazz, avant-garde, progressive music, with the Greek sound often present both melodically and rhythmically giving a fresh and distinctive result.


He came into contact with music at the age of 10, when he met the guitarist-composer Kostas Eliades with whom he started and completed his studies in classical guitar.

With years of apprenticeship by the internationally acclaimed composer / guitarist / improviser Andreas Georgiou, he was taught jazz guitar, jazz harmony, advanced music theory, improvisation, analysis of musical forms and structures, composition approaches etc. During his apprenticeship, he received a wide range of knowledge, stimulation and guidance as to the aesthetics and philosophy of music.

While studying the guitar, he also experimented on string and wind instruments from various countries, such as sitar, sarod, didgeridoo, Tibetan horn etc. During the same period he studied classical piano with the pianist and soprano Konstantina Mantziari.

His main interest in guitar playing lies both in its polyphonic approach –as a major harmonious instrument in contemporary music ensembles on/upon which compositions and improvisations are created- and in its solo role. Since 2007, he has been experimenting with alternative ways of playing/performing on 7string guitars, creating an intimate artistic style.

Through the special instrument GT 8 string MOOV guitar – made by George Behlivanoglou – reveals an artistic world rich in guitar ideas and techniques that offer comfort and space to the music and soundscapes that are created.

The aesthetic direction of his compositions is placed in the wider fields of contemporary European jazz.

He collaborates with musicians from the wider field of jazz and creative music, participating in various projects, concerts and recordings. He has also composed music for video art, artistic photography documentary, theatre and contemporary dance performances.