Javier Gavara, flamenco guitar

Presents the show “Tribute to Paco de Lucía, the best guitarist of all time”

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  • Sitges: Jul 4  TICKETS
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  • L’Estartit: Ago 11 TICKETS
  • Llançà: Ago 13 TICKETS
  • Port de la Selva: Ago 16 TICKETS
  • Castelló d’Empúries: Ago 24 TICKETS

  • Javier Gavara began studying flamenco guitar as a child, with Casimiro González, Rafael Cañizares and Manolo Sanlúcar among others.

    Chicuelo, Rafael Cañizares, Diego Cortés, Daniel Francés, Jose Manuel Soto, are some of the artists he has worked with. He has accompanied on numerous occasions in duo, the “Salaíto” as well as Alba Carmona in various festivals.

    He was part of the project “Mestizo Guitars” with Max Sunyer, Joan Vinyals, Santi Picó, David Palau and has record works with Cesar Moreno, Monserrat Caballé and Montserrat Martí, or the Catalan singer Daniel Beltran and many other cantaores from Barcelona.

    He has been a visiting professor at several seminars, including the XXV Barcelona International Jazz Seminar with artists such as Ben Monder, Luciana Souza, Bruce Barth, Steve Wilson, Montez Coleman, etc. And he has participated in various national and international festivals such as Ciudad Vieja, Griego, Candil Flamenco, Cartago, etc.