The trio made up of Laura Martínez (voice), Jordi Montoliu (violin) and Gil Lladó (key) offers a program that goes from Monteverdi to Bach and that makes us travel between the two extremes of the European Baroque period where two great revolutions took place that they forever changed music.


The Art of the Revolution program makes us travel between the two extremes of the European Baroque period, where two great revolutions took place that forever changed music as we understand it today. From Monteverdi to Bach, starting from the Italian that revolutionized vocal music and created the concept of modern opera to the German that changed the concept of music itself forever and forever. The works that make up this journey will allow us to appreciate how forms, styles and aesthetics evolved between these two unrepeatable geniuses and admire the art of revolutionizing everything and forever.

Laura Martínez (voice) She is a graduate of the Master’s Degree in Musicology, Musical Education and Interpretation of Early Music (ESMUC – UAB) under the supervision of Marta Almajano, and was awarded a scholarship in 2017 by the Fondatione Cini (Venice) with Professor Benjamin Bagby. Her career as a soloist is linked to highly recognized groups such as Accademia de Arcadia (Alessandra Rossi), Chimera, (Eduardo Egüez), Gran Chapelle (Albert Recasens), among others. She has made record productions as a soloist such as Antonio Soler: Vocal work and Carlos Patiño: sacred music for the court, with La Grande Chapelle; Celesti fiori – Motetti and Laetatus sum – Vesper Psalms with Accademia de Arcadia; “Saffo Novella” with Dolce Rima, as well as record productions as a chorister such as “Cum Silentio” with Cor Cererols, and “El Canto de la Sibila” with Cor de Cambra Francesc Valls, with whom he has sung since 2017. He is also a soloist with the Gioia Cantar heart of Montreaux, Switzerland, since 2014.

Jordi Montoliu (violin) Born in Badalona, he studied at the city’s conservatory with maestro Jordi Cervelló. Later he completed his violin studies in the Netherlands with Emmy Verhey, Chris Duindam and Eeva Koskinen. He has also studied baroque violin with Emilio Moreno in Barcelona. He has played soloist on several occasions, highlighting Mendelssohn’s concerto in E minor (Utecht 1999), various Bach concertos with different orchestras or Vivaldi’s four seasons. He has been part of many chamber groups, from duets to quintets offering concerts all over the world as well as having collaborated with the best orchestras in the country (OBC, Liceu, Vallès, Julià Carbonell de Lleida, Granollers chamber, etc). Also interested in the world of management, he graduated from ESMUC in this discipline and directs various formations.

Gil Lladó (harpsichord) he studied harpsichord and basso continuo with Albert Romero in Barcelona and completed his studies in Lyon with Françoise Lengellé, professor at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Lyon. He has received classes from harpsichordists such as Richard Egarr, Guido Morini, Blandine Verlet or Olivier Baumont, and specialists such as Wieland Kuijken, Jordi Savall or Chiara Banchini. He regularly performs in different parts of Spain, France and Italy with different chamber formations. He has collaborated, among others, with the Orquestra Terrassa 48, and the mezzo-soprano Mireia Pintó. He has worked as an accompanist harpsichordist with the Royal Chapel of Catalonia led by Jordi Savall, and by the European Academy of the Aix en Provence Festival led by Leonardo García-Alarcón. He is recorded by TVC / TV3 program “Nydia”.