Sam Ballester, flamenco guitar

“The purest flamenco”


He began his musical career in Alt Emporda, Girona. He continues in Granada where he shares studies of flamenco guitar, classical and jazz, and of musical language, harmony and improvisation receiving classes from teachers such as Emilio Maya, Pepe Armilla or David Defries.

He develops his activity as a flamenco guitarist, in the area of ​​Cabo de Gata (Almería), forming part of several groups and duos, such as Ivy’enco or Tiznao Flamenco, and collaborating with various artists, who help him incorporate elements of other musics.

He has two jobs; “Two nights in Cabo de Gata” (guitar and sax) and “Munich” (Tiznao flamenco), and the soundtrack of a documentary (“El camp dels ninots”).

It is part of the Colombine Collective, with two works premiered: “The Treasure of Colombine”, adaptation of a story for primary schools, and “Sueños de Carmen de Burgos”, a flamenco theater directed by dancer and choreographer Candi Román.