Sant Cugat Symphony Orchestra

The string section of the Sant Cugat Symphony Orchestra, with its conductor Josep Ferré, and the electric guitar soloist of Oriol Saltor, come together in an unusual concert, an innovative combination, a unique opportunity to listen to an instrument “ electric ”as a soloist accompanied by an orchestra.
They will perform music from the most famous films, by composers Jonh Williams and Ennio Morricone, among others, in addition to the Saltofler Suite arranged especially by David Bozzo. A memorable concert!!


For the first time in the country, the string section of the Sant Cugat Symphony Orchestra offers a concert of film music with the electric guitar as a solo instrument.

The great composer John Williams will be one of the protagonists of this concert, where excerpts from “Shindler’s list”, “Superman”, “Harry Potter”, “Raiders March” or “Indiana Jones” will be performed, among others. . In addition to pieces such as “La Misión” and “Cinema Paradiso”, by Ennio Morricone (1928-2020), and pieces by other composers.

The concert has another important attraction: performing the “Suite Saltofler”, by Jaume and Oriol Saltor, with arrangements and orchestration made specifically for this concert by David Bozzo. This suite will be performed by Oriol Saltor (solo guitar) and the string section of the Orchestra.