Scevola Ensemble is made up of Gian Carlo Scevola on guitar, Carla González on double bass and Arnau Julià on drums and percussions !!! They present the show geographies, a great concert full of contrasts, folkloric and urban rhythms that invite you to enjoy yourself, from a Baiao from Brazil to a beautiful and melancholic Milonga campera from Argentina.

Concerts 2021:

GEOGRAFÍAS was born from the concerns of the guitarist Gian Carlo Scevola, in his desire to revisit a classical repertoire for solo guitar written by mostly Latin American composers, and he wonders what is the reference of these composers, and ultimately, where this music came from.

As a result, Scevola Ensemble offers us a sound journey, in which the pieces can be recognized. But the trio wanted to go a step further, leaving room for imagination and listening. The formation tries to reproduce what those composers listened to when composing these songs. He adapts them trying not to forget their strong roots in folkloric and popular airs; return them to what could be their origin.

GEOGRAPHIES starts with the guitar, adds the double bass, drums and percussion to fill each piece with rhythm and creativity. In this sense, the contribution of each interpreter is essential in the conformation of this trio; they complement each other and provide feedback in interaction and in situ creation.

The public will be able to enjoy a great concert full of contrasts, of folkloric and urban rhythms that will invite you to dance and delight from a Baiao in Brazil to a beautiful and melancholic peasant Milonga from Argentina.