Silvia Nogales, presents the show SEDA!!

SEDA is a unique and sensory journey through the history and music of different women in the world

Concert: Ermita de Sant Sebastià, SITGES: Jun 10 TICKETS

“His hands slide down his strings with the same love and tenderness as those of a mother caressing the hair of her son.There is a symbiosis between both, a communion, a dialogue that is transmitted to the audience wrapped in a tremendous sensitivity and subtlety. Please refrain from breathing. “

Juan Carlos Avilés (Journalist, founder of Guía del Ocio. 20 minutes, calle 20, telecinco)

Silvia Nogales is a different guitarist, because apart from her sensitivity and beautiful sound, as described in her review by Juan Carlos Avilés, she stands out for her ability to create recitals and projects in which the guitar repertoire merges with other disciplines artistic to connect better with the listener. This has led him to create dramatized recital proposals, such as the Six Doncellas by Juan Ramón Jiménez, in which he takes as an inspiring axis the work for narrator and guitarist Platero and I by the composer Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. The previous proposal is made with the illustrator Laura Ferreiro, and the actress Esther Acevedo, with which he travels throughout the Spanish geography, performing at relevant festivals such as the Miguel Llobet International Guitar (Barcelona), The Anniversary of the Antonio Guitar Museum of Torres (Almería), or being invited by the historical guitarist José Luís Romanillos during the III Week of Music of Sigüenza, among others.

In addition, he also created the concert for guitar and dramatization: Don Quixote, between voice and desire, being selected for the International Congress Cycle for the IV Centenary of the death of Cervantes, organized by the Musical Documentation Center of Castilla La Mancha and the Ministry of Culture.

The originality and creativity of its proposals, as well as the quality of its interpretations, has enabled it to be selected in the last two editions of the MusaE project, under the Ministry of Culture and coordinated by Fundación Eutherpe and Juventudes Musicales respectively. Also in her soloist role, she has been selected to participate in Festivals such as the Piantón International Music Festival (Asturias), the Náquera International Music Festival (Valencia), the Ibero-American Cycle (Museo América), the Sephardic Museum (Toledo), the Cycles of the Eutherpe Foundation, among others.

The versatility of Silvia Nogales also addresses repertoires focused on chamber music with saxophonist David Hernando Vitores, with which he premiered works and versions for the formation of composers such as Mateo Soto, Sánchez Verdú, Erik Marchelie, among others. This year the duo will participate in the International Guitar Festival of Girona, Emilio Puyol International Festival (Les Garrigues), Miguel Llobet International Guitar Festival (Barcelona), etc.

Within the chamber repertoire, highlight his duo with Carolina Bartumeu (cellist), which will have its share in festivals outside of Spain.

As for his studies, he receives scholarships from entities such as AIE (Association of Performers) and the Ministry to study together with the Mozarteum teacher Laura Young, at the ESMUC (Barcelona), and at the Liceu with Guillem Pérez-Quer, the which has brought new ideas to his way of understanding music in recent years.

Also note the studies at the pedagogical level and research conducted at the University, with extraordinary prize end of career in Music Education, and the highest qualifications in the Master of Innovation and Research (UCLM). He carries out research work on the influence of Juan Ramón Jiménez in the Guitarrist repertoire, participating as a communicator in national and international congresses, and performing the thesis together with one of the musicological references Juan José Pastor Comín. This leads him to collaborate with the CIDoM (Associated Unit to the CSIC).

He performs masterclass at the Festival Náquera Sona (Náquera) and participates as a jury in various competitions, such as the International Guitar Raimundo.

In 2017 he becomes endorser of the Raimundo Guitar Brand with which he works in the development and promotion of guitars.