“Between romanticism and Spanish music!!


The idea of ​​this concert is to represent a genre of music that became very popular in the s. XIX, like the music of the Salon, designed to be played in small spaces, creating a special, intimate and family atmosphere. We interpret some of the most representative works of N. Paganini, Manuel de Falla and Pablo Sarasate, showing the passion and virtuosity that characterize them. We have chosen these composers to also show the stylistic evolution from Romanticism to Spanish music, and the connection of this evolution with the music of the Salon.

Sara Rojo: is a disciple of the Ukrainian soloist Ala Voronkova with whom she forms a violin duo, has played with the Camerata vivaldi and played as a soloist with the International String Orchestra of Lebanon.

Miguel Marín: won the first prize in the Musical Youth contest in the 81st Convocation, received honors in the master’s degree in interpretation at ESMUC and played as a soloist with the National Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela.